• Insulated Containers

    • Magic-Box 7r Frontloader
        Magic-Box 7r Frontloader
      • The 7-runner high Magic-Box is the largest available container of the brain&work product portfolio. It can accommodate a special brain&work oven rack and thus is ideal for the overnight-storage of breakfasts to reduce outstation ca... more >>

    • Magic-Box 4r Dispenser
        Magic-Box 4r Dispenser
      • The insulated Dispenser Drawer with its simple to handle double safety tap provides 14,9 litres of hot water. With its high-end insulation the hot water can be stored for a time span of up to 24 h for the on-demand preparation of hot... more >>

    • Magic-Box 4r Frontloader
        Magic-Box 4r Frontloader
      • The Magic-Box are brain&work’s highest performing insulated catering containers with full temperature bandwidth suitable for the storage of frozen food, ice-cream, ice-cubes, fresh food, chilled beverages and hot meals for many hou... more >>

    • Magic-Box 4r Toploader
        Magic-Box 4r Toploader
      • The unique system consolidates high-end material technology with easiest handling. So, an intuitively to use product line which forms the base for improved on-board food and beverage service is generated. All functionality without any... more >>

    • Cold-Box 4r
      • The Cold-Box with TempAccu included in the lid is suitable for the storage of frozen and chilled goods, like frozen meals, ice-cream, ice-cubes, fresh food and chilled beverages for many hours. It forms the economic and lighter alte... more >>

  • Accessory

    • Temp. Accumulator
        Temperature Accumulator
      • Brain&Work’s Temperature Accumulators are suitable for most food and beverage applications. By collecting heat (in case of “Frozen” and “Chilled” applications), or spending heat (in case of “Hot” applications) they wi... more >>

    • Insert-Drawer
      • Specially developed insert drawers for the use in the
        7-runner and 4-runner Magic-Boxes to store loose goods. The dishwasher-safe insert drawers are available in two different sizes.

        two of the large in... more >>

    • Insert-Racks
      • The special insert racks are designed to be stored in the Magic-Boxes and to be used in a regular ATLAS standard oven on-board the aircraft. The rack convinces with its great temperature homogeneity during the heating in the oven f... more >>

    • Temp. Indicator
        Temperature Indicator
      • The insulated containers by brain&work are the first system that really takes care that temperature sensitive items are stored and transported safely from the caterer to the passenger (and even back to the caterer again) - for a comp... more >>

  • Applications

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With insulated catering containers by brain&work

Keeping an uninterrupted cooling chain for a complete day was impossible for a long time.
Now it is easy - with the reliability of the Magic-Box and the Cold-Box.

Our insulated containers have been the pioneers of new catering equipment and it still have the best performance-space-weight-ratio available on the market.

Therefore they set the standard in economical efficiency.

Realise new service concepts with less catering handling, reduce the use of dry-ice and increase the service quality.

brain&work is a winner!

We have been awarded 14 times for excellence in innovation, products and services.

More information:

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